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Professional Website Design is the foundation of your business communication.

Improve Your Online Visibility with Professional Web Design Service

Website Design on WordPress with WooCommerce

Creating visually stunning websites has become easier than ever. However, designing a website that also ranks high in Google search results requires a different approach

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River-Host provides comprehensive web design solutions that drive traffic and boost sales conversion for your business.

The focus is on developing visually appealing, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites from the ground up that attract visitors and increase your online visibility.

I’m James Dumar, a web designer with a finger on the pulse of the online world.

I don’t just talk strategy, I build websites. Beautiful, user-friendly websites that reflect your brand and dominate mobile searches. Because let’s face it, these days, everyone’s on their phones.

But a website is just the first step. I’m here to help you conquer the whole digital landscape. I’ll craft a personalized strategy tailored for the Australian market, one that gets you noticed by the right people.

Australians search differently. I understand their habits and know how to outsmart your competitors in local searches. Social media? I can help you build a vibrant online community around your business on Social Media.

Content is king, and I’ll help you create informative content that positions you as an expert. Think blog posts, articles, infographics – the kind of stuff that resonates with Australian audiences.

Data is my compass. I’m constantly analyzing results, tweaking your strategy, and making sure every dollar you invest is working for you.

Don’t settle for just surviving online. Let’s thrive together. Contact me today for a free consultation and let’s chat about your vision. Together, we’ll craft a winning digital strategy that starts with a website that stuns and drives results, helping you conquer the Australian digital landscape.

I specialize in creating visually stunning websites that not only captivate your audience but also rank high in Google search results.

With over two decades of experience in E-commerce and WordPress with WooCommerce website design, I understand the unique requirements of the ecommerce niche and offer comprehensive solutions to boost your online visibility and sales conversion.

WooCommerce provides an easy to use dashboard to list your products, manage inventory and process payments.

An online shop can help your total sales volume tremendously. Sample listings shown below:
Digital Marketing & Web Design Australia one-stop shop for conquering the online world global clientele since 1998
WordPress Complete Starter Package

WordPress Complete Starter Package This Package is for those who need a new website. Domain Name Registration 1 year SSL Cpanel Hosting 1GB NVMe SSD storage 10 GB bandwidth 3 email accounts WordPress Installed with Home, About Us, Product and … Continued

$740.00 Website Design
Sale! WordPress WooCommerce Package
WordPress WooCommerce Package

WordPress and WooCommerce All you need to start selling As an e-commerce platform, WooCommerce allows users to create and manage online stores, enabling them to sell both physical and digital products. Includes: WordPress Complete Starter Package This Package is for … Continued

Original price was: $1,999.00.Current price is: $1,700.00. Website Design
Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance

One hour audit and update of your site includes WordPress Update PhP Update Plugins Update Gzip Enabled Site Health Check Caching Status Backup Status GTmetrix speed score SEO Report

$48.00 Website Design
Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is a free online listing that allows businesses to showcase their information on Google. It provides a summary of important details about a business, such as its name, address, phone number, website, operating hours, and customer … Continued

$77.00 Website Design
Essential Plugins
Essential Plugins

I consider these plugins to be essential LiteSpeed is the best caching plugin to consistently achieve a high speed ranking. WordFence will surprise you with the number of hacking attempts that happen hourly. Without it- you would not know.   … Continued

$55.00 Website Design
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics plus Search Console Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that enables website owners to track and analyze their website traffic. It allows users to gain valuable insights into their audience, understand user behavior, and … Continued

$58.00 Website Design

SEO is a little complicated Have a look here Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results pages. It involves various techniques and strategies aimed at enhancing … Continued

$130.00 Website Design
Web Design Services Websites on Wordpress with WooCommerce or Shopify Digital Sales SEO Security Low Rates Gem and Jewelry Focus since 1998 How to Build a WordPress Website
Learn WordPress Free one on one

Learn WordPress Free one on one If you purchase a WordPress website from me, I can teach you how to build it from the ground up, at my home in Mareeba. What you will learn will enable you to build … Continued

$0.00 Website Design

WordPress powers more than 43% of the web — a figure that rises every day.

WooCommerce – Start selling online with a beautiful and scalable ecommerce store optimized to  convert shoppers.

Specialized in designing websites on WordPress with WooCommerce, with over two decades of experience in crafting ecommerce websites, I understand the unique requirements of this niche.

Affordable WooCommerce Solutions

Cost is a major concern for many businesses, and I understand the importance of maximizing your public visibility within budget. That’s why I offer competitive rates for WooCommerce websites. My goal is to help you start selling online with a beautiful and scalable ecommerce store that is optimized to convert shoppers into customers. I provide essential plugins for SEO, website security, online payment gateway integration, and customizable themes, empowering you to take control of your online presence and drive traffic to your business.

Visually Appealing and SEO-Friendly Websites

My focus is on developing visually appealing, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites that attract visitors and increase your online visibility. I believe that a well-designed website is the foundation of effective business communication. By leveraging the power of WordPress and WooCommerce, I create user-friendly interfaces and provide an easy-to-use dashboard to list your products, manage inventory, and process payments seamlessly. I demystify the concept of SEO, and offer a cost-effective solution to drive footfall to your business through Google Business Profiles..

Professional Web Design and Maintenance

While building your own website on WordPress is possible, I strongly recommend hiring a professional web designer to ensure optimal results.  If you already have an existing website that requires updates or has fallen victim to hacking, my comprehensive website maintenance and security services can restore its functionality and safeguard it from future attacks. I utilize robust firewalls like WordFence to provide enhanced protection.

Understanding SEO: Why It Matters (or Not)! Most people aspire to achieve good SEO to drive traffic and boost sales on their websites. Here’s a free and simple action you can take right now to increase footfall to your physical location using Google. It takes less than 30 minutes.

The key lies in attracting traffic to your website.

Can I Design My Website on a Budget? Absolutely! While the outcome may vary, it’s entirely possible to design your own website. If you’re seeking a simple website, similar to a sign or business card, and you enjoy working with computers and graphic design, we encourage you to give it a shot. I can train you or your staff to publish on your new site in an hour or less. I am always right here if you ever get stuck.

Did you know that around 90% of web content receives no traffic from Google?