Web Design and SEO

Web Designs that Rank in Search

Websites that look great are easy to produce now. Web design that ranks in Google search can be a very Different matter. Web Designers fall into three different categories: front end graphic designers and user interface web designers, Back end web design coders who make the website "do" things ( bookings, shops, deliveries, payments ) and SEO web designs ( SEO is search engine optimization ).

Sometimes, you will find a Web Designer who can do all these things.

Web design for SEO is probably the most difficult to achieve a satisfactory result with due to the ever changing algorithms used by Google and the intense competition for common key phrases used in search.

Web design,to be successful, must conform to good SEO practices from the start, The Web designer must intimately understand the structural elements of Web design, the need for worthwhile content, social media use of FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat and other Web 2.0 platforms in order to have a hope of getting on page one of Google for the desired search terms.

How can you be found in the roaring sea of information?

Localisation by geography is one way.

Segmentation by your market is another.

There are many other ways to set yourself apart from your competition.

Why wait? You can't really afford to. You will be eaten up if you do.

Web Design Budget

Can I do it Myself?

You absolutely can do it yourself. The kind of result you get may be quite variable. I have been a website designer since 1998, so have a fair bit of experience. If you just want a simple Website similar to a sign or business card and you enjoy graphic arts and working with computers I would encourage you to give it a try.

WordPress is a very powerful web design platform that is easy to get started with and now accounts for 34 percent of all websites published. If you would like, I can give you Domain Name Registration, one year's Hosting, and enough training to produce an information based site in around 3-4 hours for less than $250.

If however, you have a business that you want to take online, I would suggest you are better off to hire a Web Designer who understands the correct way to give you a chance to rank in Google search.

If your website uses a web design older than a few years it is quite likely you need to devote some time to rebuilding it.

Even for very small businesses with a good location and loyal clientele, lack of online presence is no longer acceptable.

Would you go as a new customer to a business that had a sign with peeling paint?

Probably not.

Look at some of the examples of Website Designs I have done for others Here