SEO is Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is performed by tuning both the server and the Information Architecture of the site to conform with Google webmaster guidelines in a prioritised hierarchy. Unique high quality content is the most important, organised into a logical menu structure often referred to as a silo.

The content for each page should have a relevant title, description, H tags and anchor text that align with the desired keyword set.

Images should have alt tags that align to the desired keyword.

The server should be set to cache pages, images, css, JS, in the htaccess file, which should also include the very important xss protection header. Gzip should also be  activated to compress all content in cpanel.

We do all this for you with every site we build new.

But there are other important things, after content, the most important consideration is backlinks- that is instances of your site URL being published by another site that has a high authority rating. This important element of SEO is expensive and time consuming to perform in an effective way. We can help you to do this for yourself with a proper audit of your existing website or a plan for your new site.

We also offer a full service solution whereby we do all for you.